Cleaning Your Coach

  1. I have the Large Signature Carly and have been using it for a while, but I noticed a few spots on the bottom of the bag where it is not as clean as I would like it to be. I want to keep my bag in immaculate condition, but how do I clean it? Is there something you should use to keep it clean? Do you send it in for cleaning? This is my very first coach *with tons more to come!* and I want to make sure I treat it right. :heart: I love my bag. Thanks so much!
  2. well Megs once put a coach tote (suede and canvas) in the washer... i know totally unrelated.... LOL just don't do that!
  3. There are some cleaning tips in the FAQ section on the forums...I think for signature it said you could use a baby wipe, or Coach sells special cleaner for their bags.
  4. I got off some stains on a few of my signature bags with a tiny bit of woolite on a white face cloth. :yes:
  5. best option is the signature cleaner that coach sells here. but, if you can't get to the store, try baby wipes. or i always just get a washcloth and scrub and it turns out fine.