Cleaning your CHANEL

  1. I was wondering how to clean a Chanel bag?

    My Beige reporter got dirty after I carelessly put it on top pf a table that wasn't clean. Ughhhhh!

    How would I clean it, its got a black little smudge on the bottom corner.

    Do I just get a leather cleaner out there? Please Help. :crybaby:
  2. Perhaps you could try baby wipes? I used that on a few of my Chanel bags and it worked perfectly! :yes:
  3. What Brand?
  4. some use kirkland, some use Pampers :smile:
  5. Any type of babywipe will do, but preferrably one without alcohol so as not to dry out the leather (do modern-day babywipes still contain alcohol).
  6. I read in the other post that they used Huggies...good luck.