Cleaning your Birkins or Kellys

  1. What do you guys reccommend for taking good care fo your birks and kellys? Is there a cream I should be looking for or just send it in for cleaning once a year? What do you guys do?

    Thanks in advance!

    Jen :heart:
  2. I use Meltonian shoe polish in neutral which is what the Hermes uses as well to clean bags. I can highly recommend it and would nevery use anything else on my bags.

  3. C, how often can this be done? And on what leathers? Do you think if I sit down and polish my box birkins, the patina will appear sooner than later? :graucho:
  4. Hi Hello - is this thick like shoe polish in a round tin? What color is neutral, is it like white lotion?
  5. ^^It's in a round tin, but not thick. More like face cream. The colour neutral is white.

    MrsS - I don't know how it would affect the patina on your bags if you were to use Meltonian often. I remember HG telling us that it shouldn't be used too often. I like using it on box because it is so wonderfully polisheable. I have also used it on togo but needed a very soft brush to polish the bag - ie brush off the residue. But it really does work wonders!
  6. ^^ Thank you so much! I will be good and not overdo it. It is not sold here, but let's see how resourceful we can get.
  7. *ahem, mrss, if you are buying overseas can I "tompang" too, then we can share shipping?
  8. meltonian creme is $2.50 at a shoe repair store on 2nd ave and they just got a shipment in of the natural. have your NYC friend pick it up and send it to you
  9. Thanks for the tip - I have just used some Lord Sheraton leather balsam on my Kellys as my sister said she uses it for her LVs. It works fine too, but now I am worried as I am getting a new Kelly for my birthday and I really want to take good care of it.
  10. What would you recommend fpr cleaning Crocodile Hermes bags?

    I have found a product at my local shoe store, it's for reptile skin, but i feel it smells a bit strong...any other suggestions?

    I would send my crocs to Paris (i Live in Luxembourg) but the service is so slow...It takes between 6-10 weeks to get it done...

    Thank you!

  11. Saphir cream is the one my first Hermes SA, years ago, told me to use. It is a neutral cream.