Cleaning Your Balenciaga

  1. I have a white leather Balenciaga that I want to have cleaned. Where should I take it to? A dry cleaner? Shoe repair place? What should I look out for? How much do you think it would cost? Any recommendations in Boston?

    Thank you!
  2. I have a stupid infatuation with light colored bags but they always get dirty. The Bbags are particularly difficult to clean because of the leather. What do you guys use? Or if you live in the LA area, do you guys ever take it to a professional cleaner?
  3. I use Applegarde ! get them from .. i think they are having a mother's day sale at the moment on all products!

    I sed the apple leather conditioned and cleaner AND protector on my balenciaga bags.. my CHANEL lambskin bags and my fendi spy bags including a WHITE one.. =) no problems at all!
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  4. yep, i use applegarde too! =D works great!
  5. Anybody know how to lighten dark, dirty-looking handles on your bbag? Nothing seems to work for me. Any suggestions or should I just try to ignore them? :unsure:
  6. What color is you bag?
  7. what color is your bag? my shoe repair guy told me there was nothing you could do since it was from oils in hands and that why women used to wear gloves..unacceptable answer! i sent my bag to a special place to have only the handles redone. i dont have it back so i cant reccomend yes or no yet...
  8. Mine is a Bordeaux. Please see pics. **sniff** :cry:
    handle.JPG handles.JPG
  9. I've heard the same thing from shoe repair places-- and I hate that answer, too!! Never heard about the gloves, though. Very interesting... :amuse:
  10. which apple product to you guys use on balenciaga leather? the cleaner? the waterproof spray? please tell me the eact name of product so i dont mess up. thanks!
  11. please help me and tell which apple products to order for bal bags. i reallt appreciate your help!
  12. I"d like to know tooo!:smile:
  13. Apple Care is a conditioner type that's very gentle and will lightly clean. Apple Cleaner itself is a little harsh so if you must use it, use with caution. Apple Garde is rain/stain repellant spray.

  14. i don't want my handles to darken so will the apple gard prevent it?
    i try to carry my bag on my arm if i can because i don't want dark handles.

  15. Yup that is one of my biggest complaints about the Bbags. I hate the fact that the handles get so dark.'s because I love the bags so much that I put up with all this stuff :love: