Cleaning your bag.

  1. What do you use to clean your bags with the C pattern? I have yet had to clean any of mine (yayyy!) but I was just wondering what I should use to clean it if it were to happen.
  2. I'm curious about this too, I have a large carly in khaki/angora I want to sell that I only used a few times but I think my jeans rubbed off because I noticed some dark spots when I went to take pictures for the auction.
    Does the signature cleaner work well?
  3. I have not had to use my signature cleaner yet. But for small ink spots I have used the tide to go pen and it WORKED. In fact I need to get a new one when I am at work tonight.
  4. Nice to see another Milwaukee girl here!
  5. ^^ just bumping to see if anyone has experience cleaning their bags with the Signature Cleaner vs. Tide To Go
  6. I use baby wipes, the ones without alcohol or scent
  7. Thanks! Have you ever used it on a very light colored (khaki) bag like the one in the auction?
  8. I have only done ink with the Tide to Go pen. But on my wristlet I have very noticeable PURPLE INK on my wristlet. I cleaned them all off with the Tide to Go Pen. I would use the pen on a small area of the spot and see if it comes off. Personally I love that Go Pen.
  9. I've only tried the signature fabric cleaner and it's always worked great! I've used it several times and it still feels like I have a ton in the bottle :smile: hth!
  10. Thanks everyone!:smile:
  11. I have a khaki carly. I had some dark spots from my clothing that rubbed off. THe signature cleaner didn't work on it. I use white dove soap and a soft toothbrush in circular motions, then a damp cloth to get the soap out, pat it with a towel then hang to dry the rest of the way. Works great!
  12. Ooh, this is a good thread. I don't know how to clean signature fabric either.
  13. I have a good friend that works at a COACH outlet in Colorado. I have a Carly in khaki/chocolate and she advised me to use Ivory soap with something soft, like an old t-shirt. She said this is what they use every day to get stains and marks out of bags. I have tried this twice with small spots on both the khaki background and a chocolate colored "C" and it worked perfectly!
  14. Thanks!