Cleaning White Pebbled Leather...Help!

  1. HI all, I'm new to this forum and let me tell you this is a great find for me. I am totally obessed with I'm really glad to be here. Ok, so I need some help with a purse that I really really want! I am in love with the Coach Hamptons Pebbled Leather Carryall in white with the bordeaux accents. My issue is that you can't use the leather cleaner on the pebbled leather and I fear that a white bag will start to look dingy really quickly. I am careful with my bags, but I am afraid of the every day wear. First, I'd like to know if anyone has found a way to successfully clean the pebbled leather. Second, anyone out there with a white pebbled leather bag please let me know how your bag has held up. Has it stayed clean? Do you regret getting a white purse? Don't get me wrong I love Coach, but I just can't justify spening that kind of money on a purse that's going to look filthy in six months...know what I mean.

    I'd really appreciate any feeback. Thanks everyone!
  2. I think white would be something I would carry for special occasions only. It gets dirty too fast!