Cleaning White Legacy Leather

  1. As you all probably know I got a Gardenia Leigh and I am worried about getting it dirty. Is white Legacy leather easy to clean? If so what do you clean it with? Also I noticed the bottom and back of my Leigh is a different leather than the front and top. It seems like it more of a really soft pebbled leather but it doesn't looked really pebbled or flat leather. I am confused. Anyone else have this bag and notice this difference? If anyone knows, was this made this way for the purpose of easy cleaning? So confused....if I get this bag dirty OMG I don't know what I will do!?!?!
  2. Get some apple conditioner and put it on your Leigh before you wear it!!! It will help it from getting stained. You can't really clean it, except with a baby wipe or something like that.. I have heard people using a regular white eraser on the White Ali.. Be careful not to wear a really dark colored shirt with the gardenia.. the color may transfer onto it.
  3. Use Apple Conditioner just as Tara recommends!!!! It works wonderful on my white legacy slim leather tote!!!
  4. Definetly use the conditioner, but do not use the coach cleaner I had the white leather legacy wallet and I used the cleaner and ALL of the white coloring came off!!! Luckly I took it in to the coach store that told me to do this and they replaced it.
    Also to answer your other question about the different textures. It is not for a cleaning purpose it is just the luck of the draw when it comes to the kind of texture your legacy leather has. When I got my whisky Ali I noticed the same thing on a couple of other bags.
  5. You can wipe her down with a soft damp (water) cloth. don't use alcohol ever! It will remove the dye. White eraser for ink, without breaking through the surface of the leather. Get the apple conditioner and apply it twice generously. I did get denim transfer on the back of mine once and gently buffed it out with the Apple Guard. I just bought another white Ali for backup, when I compare the two they are the same in color and tone. My first one was purchased October 06, I've used it quite a bit, some of the edges show slight wear if I really look close, nothing noticeable. Enjoy your Leigh, it's a beauty and my favorite '07 style.

    The legacy leathers have pieces of different texture throughout, some is smooth, some a fine pebble, some textured and wrinkle.
  6. has anyone ever tried a mr. clean magic eraser on white legacy leather?