Cleaning vernis?

  1. I have a Fuschia Reade PM that has a small white mark on the side, near the bottom. I am not sure what it is. It doesn't look like a scratch since there are no rough edges.

    Any advice on how to clean it? I feel like the white mark could be removed but don't want to mess up the whole bag for a tiny mark.

    Any suggestions?

    Let me know if another picture would help.
    Thanks!! :smile:
    items for sale reade pm white mark.jpg
  2. Spoke before doing a search and found someone said Magic Eraser worked for them. I just tried that and the mark is gone. Great thanks :smile:
  3. I am so glad that you got it off! YEA!!!!
  4. I have a vernis 4 key holder and it feels really sticky, does anyone know what I can use to make it feel cleaner and not that sticky. I tried the dust cloth, but that doesn't seem to work. Thanks.
  5. Phew! I'm glad you got it out. I'm planning on getting a vernis alma also & very worried about the upkeep. Magic eraser will be a goo thing to keep around!
  6. magic eraser...where to buy?
  7. Glad you got it off but please remember not to go too hard on vernis with the magic eraser as you might rub away the shine of the patent leather!
  8. walmart or publix sells them or any store similar i would imagine
  9. I see that you already resolved the issue, but I usually use a wet cloth to see if I can get stains away from my vernis, and in most cases, that alone works..