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  1. Hi there,

    What do you guys use to clean the leather on Mono bags? I've sprayed it with leather protector, but I see little spots of dirt that I'd like to spot clean. I have a Lockit, so there is the vachetta to worry about.

    Would the Coach leather cleaner/conditioner be okay?

    Also, how often do you spray? I've just done the initial spray, dried for an hour and then another spray. I don't want to over do it.

  2. for vachetta, most pp use baby wipes. Coach leather cleaner and conditioners are great also.
  3. Thanks! :smile: I have the Coach cleaner, so I'll be spot cleaning today!
  4. Great , thanks for the tip.:yes: I need to clean my vachetta badly on my cabas piano.
  5. DO NOT use coach cleaner on vachetta!! It will stain! (I am a coach former employee :smile: ) there is also a list on the website on what you can and can not use the cleaner on.
  6. i heard baby wipes gets the dirt off...but it will darken the vachetta
  7. I used baby wipes and it did darken it a bit.
  8. I've used it plenty of times on a darker patina and it's fine. It depends on how dark the vachetta is. It also depends on what you are comfortable with. Use anything at your own risk.
  9. hmmmm.... I was looking at the bottle and it does have a list of things not to use it on. Thanks for the advice. I think that I'm going to skip spot cleaning the vachetta for a little while. I don't want to make a teeny tiny little spot worse!! :wtf:

    Can I use the coach cleaner on it once it gets a darker patina?
  10. I used make-up remover towelettes and it works great.
  11. There should be a bunch of thread on it already. You do a search next time.
  12. go to the faq link up top of the lv page. its stickied.

    only use NON alcoholic baby wipes! alcohol FREE only!
  13. oh wait, the girl before me already said that. sorry!
  14. good luck with the cleaning!
    I use the alcohol free wipes too. Once the vachetta is dry & I'm happy with the cleaning job, I use SM.
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