Cleaning up counterfeits at Craig's List - PLEASE HELP!

  1. I use Craig's List frequently for various things - furniture, electronics, hard to find items. It's fun and easy, but the clothing and accessories section is USELESS!

    There are so many listings of counterfeit merchandise that it buries the authentic goods. I've missed out on three bags now because of wasting time on the junk listings. I've been flagging, but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. I NEED HELP!

    The following phone numbers/email addresses are the ones used the most often in the posts selling fake goods:

    480-612-3110 (
    623-826-3186 (selling FAKE LV as AUTHENTIC)
    602-441-4827 (

    I did a Google search, and the results turn up postings in other cities as well, such as Miami, Las Vegas, etc (I'm in Phoenix). I flagged all I could find in all cities.

    Please please please - help me flag these posts. And if you have information/links to Craig's List postings that need to be flagged, just post them here and I'll be happy to flag as well. Maybe we can't get rid of all of them, but I think if we work together we can at least make it a much less comfortable place for them to do their "business"! (selling FAKE LV as AUTHENTIC)

    :heart: THANK YOU!!!! :heart:
  2. great idea!