Cleaning up a Carly

  1. Hi all!
    So I ordered a pre-owned Large Carly with Sig/Saddle off eBay. Its got some nicks on the top I know I can't do much about, but inside on the creed tag there are some scratches and I guess some dirt on the outside.
    I have the signature cleaner for the outside, but I wondered if there was anything special I should use on the leather&brass?


    too bad its a holiday weekend so it won't get here until tuesday:drool:
  2. Well, Coach also has a leather cleaner! And I know the ladies in LV use Brasso to clean their brass locks...
  3. Congrats on the Carly!!! Cant wait to see pics!!!! Sorry, I cant help w/ the cleaning...I do know the siggy cleaner works well though!!!!! Good luck!!!
  4. baby wipe and some leather conditioner?