Cleaning Tokis

  1. How do all of you keep your bags clean? I just bought a Bianco Zucca, and I'm concerned that it's going to get dirty SOOO fast! I have read that it's smart to Scotch Guard your bags before carrying them out. What do you all think? Also, how can I keep the straps clean? TIA! :tup:
  2. There's a buttload of topics on this, I'm sure you can find the answer :smile: Me, I don't protect it with anything cuz I'm afraid of color bleed and I really dont need to...I just l clean it with the Tide Pen when I see dirt and stuff.
  3. Sorry, I couldn't find any posts on cleaning the bags until AFTER I posted the new thread. Story of my life, hehe. Thanks for the Tide pen suggestion! ;)
  4. Nah, it's all right. LOL...I think like a new one pops up everyday.......hahaahaha.
  5. I just responded to one of them so it's at the top now - I must try out the Tide pen cleaning technique!
  6. everyone raves about the tide pen but i honestly don't think it's that great. maybe mine is defective lmao but it doesn't get any of my toki dirt off. i scotchguarded my new mm yesterday so hopefully that will help with the dirt. my bv is too dirty to save i think
  7. You gotta press down hard so the liquid all comes out...idk I only used it on dirt. I don't rave about anything cuz idk how the hell everyone gets their stuff so dirty and it's not the end of the world so yeahhhhh.
  8. i know how to use it haha :sad: it just doesn't get the stains out as well as everyone says it does
  9. ahh all right lol...what kinda stains though? cuz all my dirt stains came out -- and my mom's from her toki lol.
  10. i'm not sure if it's dirt but i take this bag to school so it's either dirt or possibly the dye from my clothes? i know i didn't spill anything on it. i used the tide pen a couple times and all it did was just make the pen all dirty so when you use it it makes whatever you're using it on dirtier haha.
  11. lol...ok yeah that sucks maromi..i wonder what it is you have on your bag. The dirt does make the pen dirty, but heh, what ya gonna do ah? lolz.
  12. does rubbing the tip on something like a papertowel or something get the yuckness off? hmm.. i'm unsure as to whether i want to try this tide pen now.