Cleaning Toki Bags

  1. Those of you with Adios Star print bag, have any of you guys used scotchguard on it? And did it make the black stars on the bag bleed a bit? I told a friend about the scotchguard thing after reading about how to clean Tokibags... and it made the stars on her bag bleed. I felt really horrible.
  2. Someone here once posted the Kiwi All Purpose is great for protecting your bag... I have never used it but go and buy it this weekend... Does anyone know what the can looks like so I can find it faster... I have a bit of A.D.D when I'm looking for things... :smile:
  3. that's crazy! I can't believe it would damage it like that! thank you for posting, I would've used scotchguard
  4. man... what to do.... i bought scotch guard the other day to use on my bags but now im scared to put it on...
  5. I scotchguarded both my Adios toki bags and nothing bled.

    Is your friend sure the stars actually bled? If the bag was at all dirty the scotchguard would emphasize that and maybe mae it look like the dye bled.
  6. Or could it have to do with the amount she used? They recommend 2 light coats over a heavy coat.
  7. I used Scotch Guard on almost all my bags already, including the light colored Paradiso, and nothing bled.
  8. Maybe she's spraying too much and too close. I have an AS and it didnt bleed.
  9. i know a lot of people don't approve of this but i put my bags inside a pillow case and put them on a delicate cycle on the washing machine - they come out lovely!
  10. Doed anything (bad) happen to the leather?
  11. That's what the lady at Bloomingdale's told me to do.
  12. might be a dumb question but... has anyone ever cleaned the leather parts with leather cleaners for cars?
  13. Heh, wow. I never heard of that. IDK, my bags are still pretty clean though so I can hold off on that lol. What do you folks do to get them do dirty? I use tokis on a regular basis...but still doesnt get too bad.
  14. I sprayed 2 bags this morning... about 7 or 8 hours ago... and they look fine.

    Is there a chance your friend used the wrong Scotchguard? They make them for carpet and other things too. Maybe those are stronger.
  15. I use kiwi guard too. That stuff works great and doesn't live a stink. I was wondering about the leather too. it seems the paint or whatever on it seems to chip and sorta fade off it? My bags are pretty much in great shape but I like to use it as preventative measures to upkeep the new appearance. The only thing that could use work is the leather part but then again I might be really picky lol