Cleaning Tips?

  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to tap into the expertise of you all here - any suggestions for cleaning my soft calf bags? I never have tried and they are in need of it, big time!

    Thanks ladies
  2. I just use leather lotion..I have Coach & Appleguard...I do it periodically...even if I don't use them for a while...I take all my babies out and give them a 'bath' lol!! I have found if you keep them moisturized they don't get dirty..All my MJ bags still look brand new..
  3. Any tips for cleaning a suede lining? I have an older large hobo (not a MP) that I used for work. I stuck a newspaper in it one day not thinking, and now the lining has newspaper ink all over it. Thanks!
  4. ^EEK.....I'd take it to a professional leather place/cobbler....
  5. I have a "suede brush" - it's like an eraser one one side, and then a nail brush on the other. I got it to clean an all suede bag I have and it works really well. I think I got it at CVS for a few bucks...
  6. I have learned to take better care of my bags, since then!
    few823- thanks for the suggestion of the suede brush!
  7. I always have trouble finding places who will clean suede lining but the girls here suggest a mail-in service, Margaret's Pulito Purse cleaning

    I have not tried it yet but it comes highly recommended!
  8. I'm Bumping this thread to ask...

    whether you gals had any success cleaning suede linings that look like this: I saw the post above regarding Margaret's services. Has anyone tried Apple Guarde suede cleaner on this type of mess? WOndering whether it's worth buying....
  9. ^^ Yeah. I am such a reject. I ordered the apple guarde cleaner and conditioner and totally forgot to order the suede and nubuck cleaner during the recent sale for my Coach bags. :rolleyes: That bag lining above doesnt look too bad. Not too many stains, probably just dirt and sediment?
  10. It doesn't look too bad...a suede brush would prob help a lot! :smile:
  11. Cool, thanks for your input dawn!
  12. is this stone? i have a stella in this color if it is. pretty!

    anyway, you can pull the lining out of the bag. i would use a lint brush to pick up the small pieces of debris. a suede brush is always good to have. the one i own though is kind of harsh. i bought it from duane reade and the bristles are pretty stiff (i'm not sure if all suede brushes are the same. i assume so?). i use it to clean my uggs and it actually removes the suede fibers. clumps of it were falling off. the boots look fine, but it would be alarming if it was happening to my bag. i'd be gentle. the cleaner sounds good, but i think the suede brush should do the trick. good luck!
  13. ^^ thanks Kim! that was very informative. I do have brushes (from my suede Coach bags) that should work based on your suggestions. I am considering bidding on this baby. I think the color is Clay.