Cleaning Tips for Multicolore (MC) White Speedy

Jun 7, 2006
I have looked at the FAQ section of cleaning tios with all the links in it But none of them work. "Page not found" is what I got.

I haven't used my MC Speedy for years and when I looked at it, it needed a deep cleaning.

Besides baby wipes, how would you clean the vachetta?

How would you clean out some water spots? Is it possible? The patina has already set in, and I still see the water spots.

Someone said the hardware on the MC Speedy is 18k gold plated. Is this true? If so, how would I clean the hardware? Should I use Brasso?

For protecting against water, which product would you recommend? Apple Brand Garde or LMB?

Please advise on what to do for each and which products would work best.

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