Cleaning tips/advice?

  1. any ideas for cleaning the canvas/ toile. its nothing major --a couple slightly grubby patches. DOnt went to send it in for this...............
  2. I have always cleaned off the dirt of my toiles pieces myself with just a bit of warm water and perhaps just a bit of soap...then clean off the soap from the toile with more warm water. I have found toile really very easy to clean off surface stains.
  3. I agree, very mild soap...use the lather...and a microfiber cloth. (You can buy them in bulk at Costco-Sams)
  4. My SA said they clean it with sunlight soap!

    I have done mine in the past with soap flakes and luke warm water. Make sure you rinse the soap off well.
  5. thanks
  6. I used Carplan Upholstery Cleaner for car seats on :

    1) Beige Canvas Prada Tote
    2) Brown Canvas Prada Messenger Slingbag
    3) Black Herbag
    4) Black Garden Party.

    It's worked thus far.
  7. I'ved tried a soft toothbrush in addition to mild soap and water. Worked wonders! Good luck.
  8. Oh 24, you the best!! I completely forgotten that I used that method before and it works perfectly because it can get in between all the crevices of the toile. I love using toothbrushs to clean things, they are very handy tools.
  9. :heart::heart: MrsMorris (you are who I think you are, right? Changed ID?). Yes, the bristles really help to lift out any ick!
  10. ^^Yes, my dear, ;):heart:!! Changed it up a bit....
    Aren't toothbrushes simply little cleaning miracles?!? I hope that it works out well for you, Hermesaholic.