cleaning tip for patent leather

  1. So, I was watching the Rachel Ray show today and she had on an expert giving tips on cleaning and she said just use a little vodka to clean scuffs on patent leather. She demonstrated it on a black patent leather shoe and took out white scuffs. I don't have any vernis bags, and I would be scared to try this out, but just wanted to pass on the info in case someone is brave enough.
  2. From experience I don't know about the rest of the Vernis-luvin' ladies here, but Vernis doesn't usually scuff. It's the problem of transfer, pen marks, and cracking that can be an issue. :sad:
  3. thanks for the info!
    omg! there is a vernis reade mm (or gm?)
    on let trade right now going for 300 dollars and thats because it has stains on it!
    omg. if this works im going to get it!
  4. Oh ok, I don't have ANY patent leather or vernis bags or shoes. I just got a pomme wallet and I haven't even used it yet, it's too pretty.
  5. Thanks for the tip...always have vodka in the house! :smile:
  6. ^Yes...what she said!^