cleaning the velvet handles to my romantique bag

  1. hi ladies,

    i just received my trotter romantique medium flap bag today. unfortunately, i didn't realise the extent of the dirtying on the velvet handles when i was looking at the auction. :sad:

    so i was wondering if any of you ladies have any idea as to how to clean velvet? otherwise i was wondering if the dry cleaners could do it, i'm hoping they can. :crybaby:

  2. Hi Zerodross!

    The velvet was dirty?! I didn't see that at all! That's mean of the seller to not mention it.

    But not to worry...velvet CAN be cleaned (do NOT do it with any water-based products). Be sure to take this to a professional dry cleaner or even to Dior (they can clean it for you).
  3. Hi Mayday,

    Yes! the velvet on handles (especially on the back of the bag) were horribly horribly dirty. to the point of it being completely grey/back rather than the pinkish beige colour it was supposed to be.

    I was very disappointed and have been to two dry cleaners but none of them said it was possible to dry clean the bag.

    I guess my last resort now is to go to the dior in manchester on thursday to see if they'll clean it for me. the bag didn't come with any authenticity card (just dust bag) so i don't know if dior's willing to clean it for me. why if they'd replace the handles for me at a fee, i'd be more than willing to pay for it. the current state of the handles is just miserable.


    to top it off, i received my dior watch today and it's too thin and filmsy for my liking. now i'd have to see if i can get the seller to do a refund.
    ebay and dior just isn't going so hot for me.
  4. am including pictures of the straps to show just how dirty they are. a couple of squirts of vanish & a nail brush later, it's not any cleaner.

    i really hope dior can sort it out for me. :crybaby::cursing::smash:
    straps01.jpg straps02.jpg
  5. :yahoo::yahoo:
    got my trotter romantique flap back in the mail yesterday. the drycleaners dior recommended me certainly did quite a good job. whilst some of the more stubborn stains weren't gone completely, overall it looks much better than before and the dry cleaners didn't charge some exhorbitant price for it. so i reckon it's probably a good idea to ring your local dior up if anyone needs to clean their dior bags, i should think they'd be able to point you in the right direction. :yes::yes:
    before01 copy.jpg before02 copy.jpg back flap.jpg front flap.jpg after close up.jpg
  6. and here are some pictures of the bag itself, after going to the dry cleaners. :smile:
    flap01.jpg flap02.jpg
  7. Ooooh, glad you have your bag back! It's looking gorgeous. :yahoo: Hopefully, your gaucho will also arrive soon too :nuts:
  8. i was just wondering why i didnt know anything about this issue ...but then i looked at the date and omg it was quite a long time ago :sad: looks like you really arent very lucky with your dior :heart: , zero ... but hey guess what im even worse if that cheers u up ...first i never got my gaucho plus lost money on it :shrugs: , now i have trouble with my blue sky bally irish customs office damanded 450$ charge on a 1200$ bag:yucky: , not mentooning the story widh fedex the last time when when my first bally was shipped to me ( paypal confirmed address) - when i tracked online it turned out that the delivery guy marked " address incorrect" just because he couldnt find it ... not to mention the taxi rank is around the corner and everyone would have told him :sad: i told them to deliver it to work and that i will be there all day until 6 pm ...the delivery guy showed up like 6.30 pm ... i finally got that after 4 days of frantic calls... no comments ! hopefully its a new year now and all the new purchases will be perfect ! :yahoo:
  9. :yes::yes:
    fingers crossed, they said it'd take a bit over a week to get it done. i'm going to have to baby the gaucho when it comes back to me. :shame:
  10. :yes: yup. i bought the flap on ebay for a pretty reasonable price, but the seller failed to mention the stains on the bag and the pictures didn't reflect it. ebay sellers. :rolleyes:

    oh no, it sounds horrible. that's a crazy price to pay for the custom charges! i remember having to pay about 25 pounds for custom charges for the chanel bag i ordered and thankfully the seller had declared it for the value of USD$200 rather than the actual value.

    i hope it works out for you, the new bally bag. it's kinda crazy to be paying so much in tax. i hate it when sellers insist on not marking items as "gifts".
  11. ^^ Did you just buy a chanel bag? :nuts: Do you have a piccies in the Chanel forum?

  12. she DID mark it as a gift !but she also gave a real value of the bag :sad: ... and they still want to charge me for the shipping from the customs ( more than it cost to ship over from states ) , custom clearance and VAT ! shouldnt they be doing it if it is a gift?:confused1: :shrugs:
  13. Customs charges taxes on gifts...they assume that the recipient is "consuming" the item in the country, and so even if the item is meant to be a gift, the recipient has to pay taxes. I have to pay taxes on practically everything I receive that's over $50 (and all of them have been marked as gifts).

    When I shipped my Street Chic bag to the UK, the poor buyer had to pay 45GBP on the item because I declared the total amount (since the item was insured fully). That's over $90 Canadian!!!!
  14. I'm very glad that the dry cleaners were able to clean the handles so well! You almost can't tell they were even dirty; I mean, if you didn't tell me it was dirty to begin with, I would've assumed that the darkening was just an effect of light on the velvet (and not actual dirt).

    I read the original auction again and I'm really pissed off with the seller...she said that the bag was in perfect condition. How can people lie like this? I mean, unless she's totally blind those dirt marks must've been visible to her. I wish that these sellers eventually end up with similar situations...hopefully that'll teach them a lesson or two about lying like this.

    Anyway, sorry for the negativity.

    Congratulations on getting your bag back! I hope you get tons of compliments :nuts:!
  15. :shame::shame:
    i actually bought it a little while back and it arrived just a day before i was heading to london to meet my friend. it's nothing spectacular but i love the metallic purple-brown colour of it (it's the similar shade to my friend's aubergine chloe paddy). :yes:

    i posted it in the chanel reference library but here's the link to the pictures:
    (the colour is most like the last picture)