cleaning the material

  1. HOw does everybody clean their signature bags- the maerial part?
    Thank you!
  2. Old toothbrush. Some mild detergent on toothbrush...dab with water. Works for me. :yes:
  3. simple. and makes sense- I just wanted to throw it in the wash.
    Thank you!
  4. I just found a signature at the thrift store. I made a bowl with dishwashing soap and warm water, used a nail brush to work the suds in and rinsed it off. I turned the bag inside out to get to the lining but forget the pockets. No way! Rinsed bag in fresh water and hung outside to dry. The leather wasn't affected at all but this bag had nicely honeyed leather.

    The base of the bag seems to be cardboard so I was afraid of a complete dunk. Seen too many ruined Kate Spades to do that.