Cleaning the leather

  1. Is it OK to use saddle soap on the leather straps? I ruined a Fendi cleaning it and don't want to do the same to this bag
  2. I'm not sure but I would also love to know
  3. I have used saddle soap to clean the leather on my monogram LV bags. Use a very gentle/soft cloth when cleaning so that you do not scratch the leather.
  4. Thank you!
  5. I would never touch my vachetta... seriously, with nothing. I would be so worried about it staining it.
  6. I wouldn't do anything with vachetta except shining monkey. I sprayed it on my LV and Coach bags.
  7. About two weeks ago someone else said she'd ruined a bag using that. Beware!!
  8. Never get the natural leather wet because it will end up with ugly and uneven water stains that do not fade away. I clean the natural leather with Leather balsam. Not only does this clean the leather, it will also give the natural leather a darker patina.