Cleaning the INTERIOR of your Chanel

  1. Wahhh I am a tiny bit upset because I found a tiny black mark on the inside flap of my reissue (offwhite).
    I tried cloth, eye makeup remover, even brush remover and its still there. It may have been ink, makeup or something! :crybaby:

    Should I leave it or what else can I do??? This is so sad since I've only had the bag for a week... but then again its a tiny mark... maybe I am over reacting (as I always do).
  2. Try saddle soap .
  3. Take it to Chanel and see if they can send the bag out to get it cleaned for you. If you just got it a week ago, then they probably won't charge you for it. Good luck!!
  4. They will fix free of charge for up to one year. don't do it now because it will take a month or so to get back. so now use it with abandon knowing that any additional stray marks will be fixed like magic when you bring it in!!
  5. Hmm.... ya its not that big of a deal that I would take it for cleaning. I've never taken any of my bags for cleaning...

    Sophia : I'll try saddle soap. What is the exact ingredients for that?
  6. Hi. I got the mini-reporter last year and the lining is already rather grubby. (This would be due to the fact I use it every day.) Is there any way I could clean it out myself or should I have it cleaned by a specialist? I tried to bring it back to the Chanel concession at Brown Thomas but they said they didn't offer a cleaning service. Any suggestions most appreciated!

    thanking you!
  7. I finally went at the lining with a damp white flannel and Woolite. I used a white flannel to make sure lining was colour fast, which it was. It looks rather clean and nice now.
  8. That's a good idea! Mine isn't very messy yet but I'll keep it in mind when it is... ;)
  9. I searched but didn't see a thread about this. Does anyone have any suggestions on cleaning the inside of my Chanel cambon purse? I have the medium one and had some chocolate in the bottom of my purse. It melted and now there is chocolate stains all over the pink lining. I hate seeing my bag dirty :sad:. Any places to get the bag professionally cleaned? Any types of cleaners to get the stains out? Please help.
  10. ^ Thanks so much beljwl for the links. I ended up calling Chanel in South Coast Plaza and they recommened Factotum, as I was browsing their website I noticed that they are linked to Margarets Cleaners (same one in the link provided above). There's one close to me so I will stop by tonight hopefully they can get the chocolate stain out.
  11. I think Margaret's is fantastic! Chuck responded to my questions, gave me honest facts about getting the 'sticky' feeling off a patent leather jumbo and then impressed me by being able to get most of the sticky off!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  12. cool things to know.......I know peeps that have sent their bags back to CHANEL to get new linings..JUST in case it doesnt work!
  13. I just use a rag and a mild dishwashing soap and that's it! Good as new!
  14. Hi All,

    I have the Cambon messenger bag with pink silk lining inside it is getting a little bit grubby (where my hands keep going in and out), does anyone have any ideas on how to clean this lining as i am soooo scared of damaging it!!