Cleaning the inside of your bag

  1. How do you get those hard to get pieces of dust balls and dirt out of the bottom of your bag?

    I don't like bringing the lining out because I feel that it doesn't go back in right and flipping my bag upside down doesn't do the trick.

    I'm embarrassed to say that I've even stuck the vacuum nozzle in there too! :p

    Any advice will do!

    Thanks! :nogood:
  2. maybe a lint shaver? i don't have dirt inside mine, so i haven't had to try anything... do you leave your bag open? that might be the problem because of wind and stuff, if you close it, maybe that won't happen, to begin with... hope that helps.
  3. I have used the vacume nozzle method very careful though! How about the "tape" that comes off of those lint roller things? That might work to get any "dusty" stuff or lint out. I have also VERY SLIGHTLY dampened a terry cleaning cloth, and used that to clean the inside of my canvas bags. Not a wet washing, but just using the slightly damp cloth to catch those little dusties etc.
  4. I use baby wipes!!!
  5. Good idea on the lint tape! That would probably work wonders!
  6. If you don't have lint tape, try masking tape. It works just as well.
  7. Yep, I use a lint tape roller and it works great. If you don't have one, just wrap some masking tape around your hand, that way you can easily push it into the corners, too.
  8. use the corner tool of your vac in there :smile:
  9. i use the hoover but put an old t shirt over the end so that it doesnt damage the inside of my bag and then stick in a dryer sheet to freshen it up.
  10. I use tape. Any kind- duct tape, masking tape, etc. Simple, yet effective!
  11. Depends on the bag - I've turned my mono speedies and mono noe inside out to clean the inside. With my epi noes I took the lining out, cleaned it and put it right back. It goes back just fine. I also use masking take to get crumbs, etc. out.
  12. Tape works great
  13. thanks for all your replies ladies. i really appreciate it :smile: