Cleaning the inside of my pochette?

  1. Does anyone know the best cleaning system to clean the inside of it? Any good methods?
  2. I had a mark inside my pochette and at first I used water but it didn't come off so I think it was like an oil stain. Then I used a drop of detergent and mixed it with water and gently applied it to the area and voila, it came off ;)

  3. What detergent did you use?
  4. Which is it..the suede or the regular brown cloth lining?
  5. A gentle cleanser (like the stuff you use for panty hose) mixed with a little water and applied with a clean cloth does wonders! Then use a clean damp cloth to remove the cleanser, prop open and let air dry. Good as new!
  6. which pochette??:confused1:
  7. The detergent I use is normal dishwashing detergent, lol
    & I was recommending it for the normal mono pochette (brown interior), not the other interiors.
  8. Me too - for the canvas lining.
  9. I've used magic eraser numerous times with good results each time ! :yes:
  10. This is great to know, I am going to have a cleaning day. It probably won't hurt if you coat the inside with a scotchgaurd.
  11. the brown lining.