Cleaning the inside of my monogram pochette?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I posted about this before but didnt give enough detail so I am going to repost. You see in the inside of the bag, I got some smudged blue stuff ( it was a smushed breath mint, I am pretty sure it will come out.) What works the best and doesnt hurt the material?
  2. As long as the inside is the canvas, it should come out with that Folex carpet cleaner (it's called carpet cleaner but it's so gentle, I use it on clothing and other delicates as well). Just scrape off as much of the mint as you can, then gently work at the stain with the Folex (spray it on your cloth/towel, not the inside of the bag). It dries fairly quickly and doesn't leave marks,etc.
  3. On the inside, almost anything should work, even just a little liquid dish soap on a wash cloth will proably get it out. Just besure to dry it out well.
  4. Woolite or any mild fabric cleaner will work also.
  5. Wet the toothbrush and put some hand soap on it. Then rub the stain! Wash it off with warm water and voila, clean lining!!!
  6. I always use magic eraser, but the inside lining isn't all that difficult to clean so many methods will also work ! :yes:
  7. THat is why I love you guys....someone always has an answer!!! WOO HOO!!!
  8. Okay guys, the stain came out , but the lining darkened a bit, maybe it is still drying?
  9. ^^^ Mine was like that the first time I cleaned.. and I almost had a heart attack. It'll dry though, just give it some time ! :yes:
  10. Yup, just let it dry for awhile. Or you can also put a hair dryer on a cool/warm (NOT hot) setting and dry it out a bit.
  11. It dried! I am so happy and relieved! It came out GREAT!Thank you guys so much! You give GREAT advice! :yes:
  12. I'm glad it worked out for you!