Cleaning the inside of a cloth tote

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  1. OK I purchased the cutest little pink tote with gold Chihuahua-looking dogs on the front from Urban Outfitters.

    I used it as a bookbag and now the inside is slightly dirty.

    The care instructions say that the bag should not be drycleaned or washed, etc.

    Anyone know how I can clean the inside?? The tote looks like it is just a cotton-type...HELP!!:yes:
  2. Dirty or stained? If it's just kind of dusty and fuzzy/linty and has little bits of paper and hair etc--use a lint roller. For more stubborn stuff, you may have to try duct tape, lightly patted across the cloth.

    Also, I have found in my many years of combined "bag hag" status and motherhood that plain baby wipes are absolutely invaluable. I've cleaned many a bag and lining with baby wipes. Be careful and use a light touch and they're just magic.
  3. Or try a dampened sponge. It can get that dusty stuff off beautifully. Just damp, you are using the wet to grab the dust not dampen the fabric.
  4. Good advice!!!

    The only reason it is dirty is from pencil smudges :sad:

    I will try the baby wipe idea!! Thanks so much!