Cleaning the Cotton Fabric?

  1. Well just to be on the safe side I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get stains out of the new cotton fabric. I ask because I just noticed that a few small light pink spots on it, more like streaks down a few of the threads, really small. It's weird because I've only worn this bag over a wool coat, I dunno where the pink came from. ;P But it's really small and you can't notice, but it made me worry about if I got a severe stain on it. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  2. Since it is newly fabric protected - I would just try and wipe it with a damp cloth before I tried fabric cleaner. Does the care card say you can use Coach Fabric Cleaner???
  3. No it says don't use any of that stuff. I tired to wipe one of the spots with a baby wipe with no luck. I mean it's so faint I'm not worried about it (I like that I can flip the carly back and forth so one side isn't always pressed up against me!) but I guess I can try soap and water when it finally comes to that!
  4. I asked my mgr about this last night and she told me that's the downfall to the cotton fabric-- once it gets stained or spotted you can't clean it, that if you take it to a dry cleaner but the lining of the bag won't fit right after that. She said the cotton bags have to be discarded after they get dirty or just carried dirty with scarves tied on to disguise the spots if applicable. Her recommendation was that it's treated with scotch-gard type protectant originally but to re-treat it with that stuff periodically and be careful with it. Hope I was of some help.
  5. Wow good to know! It's nothing at all bad, you can't notice unless you're looking, but it's good to know about the staining. I like to think I take good care of my bags so hopefully I won't spill paint on it or anything, heaven forbid!
  6. :nod: Glad I could be of some help. I don't remember why we were discussing it-- OH. D'OH. The cotton signature scribble totes. She was talking about how they're so popular with the younger set but they get filthy fast, and that the combination of non-signature (especially cotton) fabric and white is just not good for people who can't care for bags. I pointed out the dry cleaner but she surprised me when she said that people have had issues with the bag liner being messsed up or not fitting right when they got it back. I'm sure you'll take care of that gorgeous bag, though... I want one so bad I'm getting drool all over the keyboard! :love: