Cleaning the Bird.........

  1. I have a lovely Ostrich Bern and I'm wondering about maintaining it. Normally, I use Meltonian on my Box Bern every so often....not much though and this keeps the leather supple and cleans it if needed.

    Is this necessary for Ostrich too? And what do you use? And how often do you use it? many questions.......:push:
  2. dunno! all the ostrich i have is brand spankin' new. sounds like a question for Hermesgroupie, our resident leather expert!
  3. Hehehehehehehehehehe.....
  4. oh s'mom, since you have this lovely ostrich bearn to care for, how 'bout a little picture of your baby???? come on, humor me, my head is stuffed full of Tylenol cold medicine :push: feeling very much the floopster today!
  5. Okydoky........just a sec....... she is with my Black Box Kelly.......

  6. Poorly girl, here's a nice Hot Toddy to make you feel better.

    I'm sorry I've no idea what to do with Ostrich I'm afraid, but I'm sure someone will know.

  7. Yummie :smile:
  8. :drool::drool:She's lovely!
  9. how sweet you are fleurset!
    what is in this goody, hot tea with lemon? i so wish i could reach out and slurp that up, thank you!:heart:

    love your bearn smom and thanks to you for humoring me!
  10. HAUTE you have to add a bit of whisky to that Toddy for it to work properly.......LOL!!!!!
  11. whisky? hm okay as soon as i can crawl past the front door i will go invest in some LOL, i am all wrapped up in my camel color cashmere h wrap though, finally!
  12. S'mom love the wallet!The color is beautiful:nuts:
  13. Why don't you call Claude and get the definitive answer? I think Meltonian is ok, but it could darken it a little.
  14. When I read the title....I was cringing, b/c I thought you got some "BIRD POOPIE" too. Thanks Goodness, it is only maintaining your wallet....WHICH IS GORGEOUS BTW!:smile:
  15. d, you know how ostrich handles will darken? i think that's a good indication that it will darken if you use the meltonian on it. the handles are 'conditioned' by skin oils when held, so i would expect treatment products would have the same efffect.