Cleaning Tahitienne

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  1. How do we feel about the upkeep on this bag...I LOVE it but am on the fence about 1000.00 for uncoated canvas? I am sure I will get it dirty this summer if and when I let it leave the dustbag...and even if I baby it...

    Thoughts? Experience in the few days it's been out?
  2. I don't have the Tahitienne but I do have the That's LVoe 2 Tote which is also uncoated canvas. That particular bag has held up fabulously which leads me to believe that with proper care so would the Tahitienne. I would just be aware of where I was taking the bag and where I was putting it down. I always do a swipe test before putting my bags on any surface. I swipe the area with my hand to check for anything that may be there that my eyes don't catch.

  3. i cant stress this enough with uncoated canvas!
    my friend put her uncoated canvas bag, not Lv though on a chair that looked clean... when she got home she found nasty greasy stains that wouldnt come off with anything.:yucky:
  4. Hello everyone! I've been lurking around the LV forum for quite a while now and I must say I LVoe all of your collections. Anywho, I have the pochette accessories in Antigua (white w/navy stripes) and it DOES get dirty easily. I usually clean it with alcohol-free baby wipes. Since the tahitienne is made of the same material, I don't see why the baby wipes won't work as well.
  5. Dry Cleaning???

  6. That sounds like a good idea. Baby wipes work on just about everything! lol
  7. I used to have LV cup in the antigua canvas and the beige shoulder straps did get dirty after a few months of intense used.

    I bought Tahitienne pink too and I don't really "baby" my bag.
  8. I think that if you just keep aware of where you are putting your bag, it should hold up pretty well.
    I was told by my SA to spot clean the necessary areas and if needed take a toothbrush to the area due to the weaving.
  9. I don't usually baby my bags, but I think I will baby the beige tahitienne. The care card says that you can clean it with a brush or dampened soaped cloth. It says that the canvas has been treated with anti-stain stuff. How much would that help though?
  10. I think it would help a lot as long as you catch the stain early. I know coach used to do the same thing to their canvas and it made a difference. Every little bit helps! :tup: