Cleaning Suhali

  1. hi everyone! can someone tell me how to care for the suhali leather? i read in the care booklet to wipe it with a damp cloth. can i use a leather moisturizer or a leather protectant on it? if so, are there any brands that are recommended?

    i'm sorry if this has been posted before but i searched all over for this and was unable to find an answer...TIA!!:flowers:
  2. anyone?
  3. ughhh... I personally would not do anything to the leather with any chemical products. Water is the safest imo, and even so, unless the bag is REALLY dirty, I would not touch it. Most surface dirt/debris come off with water so you really need not to use anything else.
  4. thanks CEC! you're right, i probably shouldn't put any chemicals on it...the care booklet does say to just use water...thanks again!
  5. Is all scratched up? should this be happening, all my other suhali are in beautiful condition, I may take her back to the store, but any tips before then, should I try polish?
  6. I think you'd better take it back to the store.
  7. Yea, take it back and ask. I've heard though that the metallic's can do this. Good luck with yours!
  8. I'll take it back, in May when I get home,...but I wonder if it will just KEEP happening, maybe I use it too regularly and its meant to be a special occassion bag???
  9. ^^I don't think so. If you pay that much for a bag you should be able to use it whenever you want without anything happening to it, kwim?
  10. That's my logic as well, but I know that Robert Clergie shoes come with a warning that they are not intented for regular use, and they are expensive, as well as I have read about miroir bags being "special occassion" use only
  11. I kinda disagree. I think it's a special special bag and not meant to be worn everyday. Even wearing it like... once a week is too much for me.
    You can try taking it back to the boutique and ask LV to exchange one for you since they have plenty of the metallics in stock. However, even if they do exchange it for you, it will continue to get scratched if you still use it like the way now.
    Too bad LV doesn't have a special service to restore leather... (unlike Hermes, god help me... I'm being converted....LOL)
    Good luck duchess!
  12. is this cleanable? It seems like a stain from dark clothing.

    anyone had any experience with this?

    what should i buy it for/what's it worth?
    lefab.JPG lefab2.JPG
  13. yes you can depending on what kind of stain it is...take some tips from this board and see if you can clean a portion of it before you buy it...Otherwise you can also see if you can send it in to lovinmybags and see if they can restore it for you. Good luck!
  14. Does anyone know if it's safe to use shining monkey on the suahali leather as a protector?

    I know many people use it on vachetta or the inside of their bags. What about this on this type of leather?

    I did a search and can't find much info regarding the cleaning and care of suhali bags. Thanks!
  15. Well I am looking for information on conditioning and cleaning suhali leather. For some reason I do not think Shining monkey is good for it but I am not sure!!