Cleaning Suede/Leather Pants?

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  1. Hi all, I tried doing a search on here and not sure what the new consensus is with cleaning suede/unfinished leather pants. I own several leather jackets and don't mind wearing them in the rain or out because they haven't stained and I'm always wearing clothes underneath. However, I am really lusting over some Rag and Bone suede (?) or maybe just a thinly coated leather pants, and really don't want to take the plunge without knowing how to care for them. I've yelped some dry cleaners in the area, but no one seems to have a detailed review (I'm in the San Francisco area) of anyone. I read online some people handwash their leather items, has anyone attempted this? How did it go?
    I guess I could wear biker shorts underneath the pants ha ha, but pretty sure that won't look so hot...:biggrin:
  2. You shouldn't use water on leather unless it is like stretch leather which isn't really from a cow LOL! It's 'cause the water permeates the leather and it can cause it to wrinkle or the tanning stuff will fade or it could start to get moldy. Maybe you could like go online and look for a dry cleaner in your area who SAYS they know how to handle leather products. That's what I did, but I've had some bad luck too. Like I had to have a pair of stretch leather boots cleaned and I found out, unfortunately, that the chemicals in dry cleaning attack the synthetics in stretch leather. It was not lol at all and I was like so upset.
  3. Aw thanks for the reply! Yeah I definitely have heard too many horror stories and scored a pair of rag and bone leather pants at Loehmanns closing sale for $70. But still not a $70 I want to waste and it's pretty suede like :sad:
  4. Thanks for some sound advice.