Cleaning suede interiors

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  1. I'm sure this must've been discussed here loads already so I apologise for repeating, but I was wondering if you lovely ladies have any tips for cleaning the interiors of darwin/veg tanned bags? No big spills or splodges or anything, just usual wear-type darkening around the edges from fingers etc (ewww, that sounds like I've got really mucky hands - I don't! :biggrin:). It's not too much of a worry, but it'd be nice if I could clean them up a bit. Any advice? TIA x
  2. Some people have mentioned sandpaper?

    Could also try a suede brush?
  3. Yes sandpaper, quite a fine sandpaper and then give it a good brush afterwards. Comes up a treat. Dependant on the bag, you might be able to turn it inside out before sandpapering it.
  4. Thank you so much ladies, I shall pop over to Homebase tomorrow and buy some fine sandpaper! :tup: