cleaning straps

  1. I asked how to darken the straps, but I have another bag on which the straps are very dark! Any ideas on how to lihgten them up a bit?:yes:
  2. I am not too sure about "lightening up" the straps but if they are dirty, you could try using baby wipes to clean them. :smile:
  3. not any safe ways that i know of. the mr clean eraser and some other methods have been used before, but not with perfect results. i have read both horror stories and happy stories.
  4. As others suggested if it's dirty you can try and clean it....but if it's patina'ed you can't lighten it.
  5. I've used sadel soap and leather balm with very good results on the handles of my ellipse.... The leather is really smooth with patina...
  6. I recommend Collonil's classic cleaner. It's a rubbery intensive dry cleaner for suede and nubuck.

    It cleans dirty vachetta like a charm! 1st you gently rub off any dirt, and then you wipe the vachatte with a few baby wipes.