Cleaning Sticky Pockets????

  1. So naturally I've fallen in love w/a discontinued LV color-Kenyan fawn :love:

    So I've been searching high and low for either Soufflot or alma in this color. Well I found a bag in the Riviera style but it has sticky pockets!!:sick:

    How do bags end up w/sticky pockets? Sorry, I haven't a clue about this. Also can you clean it? Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated. :flowers:
  2. I believe the sticky pockets come from high humidity. I don't know that there is a way to clean it. LV will replace either the pocket or the interior.
  3. I don't think you can clean t but if you don't replcae it , it will get worse . LV will be able to replace it.
  4. thanks porcine_screams. I'm going to call 866 Vuitton in a few and inquire about repairs
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