Cleaning Silver Hardware.... HELP!!

  1. I'm the proud new owner of a lilac speedy that has silver toned hardware. I've cleaned the rest of the bag, febreezed the interior and now want to work on the hardware but I don't know how??? :confused1:
    What is the silver hardware made of? Previous threads indicate it might be titanium, but the LV site refers to bags with silver hardware as "silvery brass". Did they change the makeup of the silver toned hardware somewhere along the line? The hardware on my bag has a brushed finish--almost pewter like in appearance. Has anyone else run across this? What did you use for cleaning? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. I believe they call it paladium..

    Can't help with the cleaning though
  3. Thanks Rella. I'll try a Google search and see what I can find out about cleaning palladium.
  4. I wonder if silver polish would work?
  5. I use this product called FLITZ on all my LV bags for the metals. It is from Germany and says it is a metal polish and fiberglass cleaner. My husband uses it on his Mercedes and told me that this would be the only thing he felt I should use on my LV bags. It worked great. I am sure he ordered it off the internet.
  6. Thanks Gilliana. I'll give it a try!