Cleaning Signature Material?

  1. Unfortunately I can't get the search function to work on tPF and I'm sure there must be some other postings on this...

    I have a spot on a signature wallet that I would like to clean. It's not huge, so I'm not sure if the spot justifies purchasing the Coach signature cleaning product. Are there any other cleaning ideas out there? If not, I'll grab a bottle of the Coach product, but just thought I'd check.

  2. When I bought my sig. stripe tote w/ a WHITE stripe (love the bag, but white stripe sooo hard to keep clean) they told me to use dawn dish soap on it. So I do a mixture of mostly water with a little bit of soap in the sink, dip the wash cloth in there, and it comes out sparkly clean !!! Hope this helps !!!

    * I don't just clean the stripe with it, I use it on all my sig. bags *
  3. try baby wipes
  4. Thanks!
  5. The Coach signature cleaner works really well! I had a spot on my denim sig stripe wallet and the coach sig cleaner took it right out!!!!
  6. baby wipes work but realize that the bottle of coach sig cleaner isn't that expensive and it works wonders - and lasts a long time. I use mine frequently and I've had the cleaner for over a year, there is still tons left because you don't need to use a lot.
  7. baby wipes won't leave as much soap residue as dish soap....
  8. I don't have any residue left on my bags, BUT baby wipes are great too, I forgot I have used wipes a couple times. Great for on the go cleaning !!!
    I need to try the cleaner from coach, it is good to know it does such a good job and lasts for a long time too !
  9. I love the Coach sig cleaner! Well worth the price.
  10. Oh yah a lady I work with also suggested the MR.Clean Magic Erasers (looks like white sponge) but truely works like MAGIC ! FYI: use brand new sponge, (not used) only, and do not use on suede. Only use on flat leather and fabric purses !!! She also told me not to press hard while cleaning.