Cleaning Signature Fabric

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm not that familiar with Coach (only one bag - SO FAR!) but much to my disappointment, I've managed to get denim transfer on my signature fabric.

    I've seen some posts where people have used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or unscented baby wipes on cotton - will this work on the Signature fabric as well? I'd hate to wreck it!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I'd hate to not be able to use my bag anymore - it's brand new!

  2. That happened to me last year :crybaby:

    I used a diluted solution of Shout and it got it out.

    I tried the Coach cleaner for signature fabric, and it did nothing.
  3. that same thing happened to my large carly. what i did was get dishwasher soap, put some in a cup with water, get a tootbrush and scrub on the transfer area, then rinse the toothbrush with just water and rub the wet area with it so that the soap comes off and then just let it dry and it will be good as new. that is what i did you my new bag and amazingly the denim came off but now i got some more transfer on it so i will be doing the same thing again. it really works:tup::yes::yahoo:
  4. Oh I'm sorry this happened to you! I've gotten stains on my sig. fabric before and I used a magic eraser. It worked! All of these other suggestions are amazing though! I'm actually gonna take note!!! Great ideas everyone!
  5. I've also used dish soap (a clear one like Ivory) for stains, haven't had a problem with color transfer.