Cleaning Signature Carly

  1. I just bought a new large Khaki signature Carly bag and unfortunately I brought it out and it happened to rain that day so a damn dirty droplet from a building fell onto it and now theres a blueish/brown ring on my bag! any suggestions for cleaning it?
    It took me 4 months to save up for this bag! i really don't want to use anything that might ruin it.
  2. Try the Coach fabric cleaner - I have heard it works really well, although I have not yet tried it myself. It is specifically for their signature fabrics, so it should do the trick!

    Good luck!
  3. I've also heard that diaper wipes will clean just about anything without leaving a mark. If you don't have kids, they sell really small travel size packets of wipes at most grocery stores.
  4. i second the baby wipes idea.. especially for khaki, i used one on gold signature & it came out fine... it never lightened a black coach i had before either
  5. I didn't know about the diaper wipes! That sounds like a great idea... I'm going to try it out the next time I get a stain on my bags.
  6. The signature fabric cleaner worked for me as well as baby wipes. Just a quick story... My fiance spilled soy sauce on my khaki shoulder bag! I immediately got out my sig fabric cleaner and it took it right off!
  7. Let us know how it goes!!! I hope you removed the spot...DANG RAIN!!!
  8. *sighh* i won't be able to remove it for a few days so I won't be able to get to my bag until wednesday night after work. damn school! got a massive paper...and babies in the house. lol
    Thanks for all the tips though, hopefully I'll still be able to remove it.
    Just another quick you think a stain remover used on laundry would be too harsh on the fabric and discolour it?
  9. oh don't try to use a laundry stain remover. Just stick to either baby wipes or the coach cleaner. I wouldn't want your stain to get worse than it already is. GOOD LUCK!