cleaning satin shoes

  1. i have this pair of white satin shoes that i loveee but they are now so dirty because i wore them after dancing barefoot...anyone have any tips on how to clean them?
  2. i would like to know too
  3. I have some satin shoes from Bebe that I wore on New Years Eve earlier this year, and they got pretty dirty. I took a washcloth, got the tip of it wet, dipped it in oxy clean (the powder/grainy formula), and gently rubbed the shoes. You have to be pretty careful not to leave a water mark. But it can be done. Now my shoes look like new. Sorry if my suggestion doesn't make too much sense, I'm not that great at explaining certain things! :upsidedown:
  4. Hi mel, what's oxy clean? :shrugs:
  5. Shoe repair! I tried to clean some pink satin shoes and messed them up. I ended up taking them to the shoe repair. I did so much damage that I had them died black. But I am a clutz.
  6. I just got a pair of Stella McCartney pink satin platforms on a super duper sale. There is a little bit of dirt on them, its not offensive, but I was wondering if there was a way to clean it off without staining the shoes?
  7. If it's just dirt or dust you can use nylons! Put the nylon over your hand like a glove and gently rub the spots in a circular motion and the spots should lift right off! :tup:

    If it's a more substantial stain try using a satin cleaner, just ask your SA what they recommend. Once you do get them clean though, use a satin protector, it's great, kind of like ugg proctector, liquids bead off and dust and dirt doesn't stick!