Cleaning/Refinishing at Chanel

  1. Is it true that Chanel has a 3-year guarantee on its leather products? Does this mean that if I bring a bag back to the Chanel store they'll clean it or refinish it for free? Or is there a charge? Any insight would be very helpful...thanks!

  2. I am almost sure, that a cleaning would not be covered.
  3. At the chanel store i go to cleaning is free for 1 year, not sure if they all have the same policy
  4. I talked and asked the sales person exactly the same question. She said it depends. Each store is different. They will do the service for free as long as the bag is not 10 years old!!! * that's what she said* P.S. Chanel Store in Boston
  5. ^ It really depends on the store and the SA/relationship you have with your SA.

    I had a few rain drop stains that I needed removed and my Chanel SA said it was free of charge, even though I had bought the bag from Saks.
  6. I think it depends on your relationship with the store/SA and the extent of the cleaning and repair. Usually, every store has a local leather/tailor shop contracted to service minor stuff. For some cleaning/repair that requires more expertise, then they will ship it out to the Chanel US headquarters in New York to get the work done. I never asked about the cost, but I was told unless it's something major, they can take care of the repair locally and quickly.
  7. thanks everyone!! i called the chanel store in toronto and the SA i spoke to said she'd have to charge me...booooooooooo...but she said to try a conditioner first. so i ordered the apple leather care yesterday...fingers crossed that does the trick!!!