Cleaning Receipts

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  1. Can anybody tell me how much it is to clean a togo birkin in France? I received a receipt from someone selling a birkin, it was cleaned at Farbourg for EUR 1020. That seems outrageous to me. Also, is it true that you have to have your bag cleaned at the the store you bought it at? Thanks.
  2. No, it's not true that you have to have your bag cleaned at the store you bought it.
    Some stores have cleaning/repairing facilities, i.e. they have a resident master craftsman.
    You can drop your H bag for cleaning at any store and they will send it to the store that's nearest with a resident craftsman, or if somehting has to be done that's 'special', they will send it to Paris.
    Paris however, will always send the bag back to the store where you dropped it off and they will be the ones writing the invoice.
    For 1020 EUROS (ca. USD 1500, give or take a few) I cannot imagine what kind of CLEANING would have to be done. Perhaps the owner dropped the bag in cow manure and then rolled it in glue.
    1020 Euros sounds more like some major repair.