cleaning raspberry alcantara lining?

  1. how do you gals clean your raspberry alcantara lined bags? I have a dark spot on one of mine and I don't know how to get it out. What does LV recommend?
  2. What kind of mark is it? From the care booklet it says," case of superficial stains,clean it by wiping it with a slightly dampened,soft and light cloth." I use baby wipes and most stains do come off easily. HTH.
  3. it's a dark black spot,maybe from my keys or something? I will try the baby wipes. thank you!
  4. You're welcome! Hope you can remove the spot!
  5. I have a Duomo with red alacantra lining. I recently got a spot on it and I cleaned it with a teeny, tiney bit of Woolite on a cloth. It worked and the spot is history!! I did this after the initial cleaning with just a cloth did not remove the stain. However I don't know if this is recommended by LV, so proceed with caution!
  6. the baby wipe did the trick! thanks again!