Cleaning question

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  1. A friend of mine has the MIA EMBOSSED OP ART LEATHER TOTE in the silver shimmer putty color.

    There is a rather large stain from baby wipes on the outside of the bag. It was set down on a wipes container that she didn't realize was open. It almost looks like a water stain; is there anyway to clean this?
  2. :tup:You should probably check out the Coach reference library and then go to "Frequently asked questions". There is a section there on cleaning. You would probably get more suggestions there.
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    How long ago did it happen? It may be less noticealbe with time. I suspect the wipes had oil in them and it may be an oily ring. Leather conditioning might even it out.

    You might try setting the area in something to absorb the oil (aka clean sawdust).

    Check out the link in this thread for other suggestions.
  4. the shimmer leather is leather that they roughed with sandpaper to make it soft and lifted. It's absorbent just like suede and nubuck. Most likely she wont be able to get that out as it's a liquid stain on a delicate bag. Most baby wipes are made with moisturizers in them. I wouldn't try anything except for the saw dust test.
  5. Thanks for the responses! I will have her try the saw dust......