Cleaning question....

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  1. Hi! I am new here and I have a question. I just bought a Coach signature duffle from the outlet. I have been wearing some new dark rinse jeans and wearing the bag across body. Well, the dye from the jeans wore off onto my new coach!! :wtf: Do you have any suggestions about cleaning it? I did not buy/was not offered any cleaners for it.

    Any suggestions? :confused1:
  2. What color is the duffle? Is it white? or khaki sig w/ leather trim?
  3. If the transfer is on the signature area--get the Coach Signature fabric cleaner--if it is on a smooth leather part, you can try the Coach Leather Cleaner and Moisturizer. If you cannot get these cleaners, then you can try a baby wipe.
  4. It is the khaki sig with leather trim....

    Most of it is on the fabric part. Some of it is on the leather part, too.
  5. Seriously, a baby wipe?

    Also, someone suggested simple liquid hand soap and water - said they had called Coach about this same problem. I have been too nervous to try anything yet....:confused1:
  6. I would try the signature cleaner on the khaki sig part and the leather cleaner on the leather trim...after you use the leather cleaner, be sure to apply the Coach moisturizer ONLY to the leather part as well. Hope that helps...keep us posted~
  7. I've also heard baby wipes work well, i've used them just to give mine a quick wipe down but I've never tried it on a stain. Good Luck!, I hope you find something to work. :smile:
  8. Also, Tide To Go pens are awesome! I just used one on a khaki signature bag and on the legacy stripe lining inside and it worked like a champ! :yes: