Cleaning python stam? (Hurry!!)

  1. color transfer.jpg
  2. Since it's pvc coated canvas and not leather I would assume that it would be easier to clean. Maybe a dry cleaner could help you? I would guess that you could even try a damp cloth as long as you were careful to not rub the transfered dye into the stitching.
  3. apple cleaner always does the trick with color transfers. i sound like a commercial.
  4. thanks spaceyjacy and tadpolenyc! you've pushed me a tad bit closer to bidding on that bag.... :push::p
  5. Tad, did you win this auction? It's a great price, esp for such a (presumably) easy fix!
  6. That is a gorgeous bag, you enabler you!:p
  7. I didn't win this bag!! I totally screwed up my bidding :sad: I was trying to wait until closer to the end. If i did that, I probably could have won this bag for less than what it sold for. Fooey!
  8. Better luck next time!!
  9. ^^ I wasn't home for this one. It sold for much more than the stained one!

    ...dammit!! I just realized that I think I saw this bag on the Sale tables this past January & I may have posted it in the Sales Thread! I don't even want to do a search for this thread... Don't need to disappoint myself w/ the confirmation! :push: