Cleaning/protection products help please!!!

  1. Hi all!!! need some help please... I had a bottle of shining monkey but it's all gone now!

    so now I need to buy something else coz they dont have shining monkey here in NZ or Apple conditioner etc...

    does anyone here who's from NZ know what products I can use that's safe that I can buy from in NZ?

    or does anyone in the states know if any websites that I can buy Shining Monkey or Apple conditioner online & ship here to NZ?

    thanks in advance for any help!!!
  2. cant you get it off the shining monkey site ?
    what about wilson spray ?
  3. they have a website?! I'll do a search now... thanks!!!
  4. I use kiwi, works great, available at the grocery store :smile: A major plus for me.