Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

  1. If I am not mistaken I think it is just the nature of the bag, I don't see anything wrong with it.
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  2. Hi folks,

    I have the most beautiful Besace in the Teal Nubuck Croc... sitting in her dustbag in my closet. I'm terrified to use her because of the suede! :sweatdrop:

    How have you braver folk protected your bags? I am putting in a LMB order for some products for my normal leather bags but I figure you'd need a spray to protect suede and don't think they make one. :shrugs:

    Have you all just used Apple Guard or have you found something better? Would love any and all advice! :ty:
  3. Hi Frenkie, I have a gray besace and it held better than any other bag through rough winter, bus etc...I just sprayed MELTONIAN which is here in Canada available instead of Apple, water and stain well. I have the same material - nubuck Muse II in almon, but I do not take it every day, very light color but still nothing shows from carrying it, still looks like new. It is not such a sensitive suede, actually surprizingly sturdy leather.
  4. I have the dark brown nubuck Besace, and it has held up well - I live in FL, and it's been exposed to rain drops, took it on a ski trip to CO and no problem with snow flakes -- it's tougher than it appears. However, not sure how the lighter color would fare.
  5. I have just bought a beautiful ysl easy bag in gold metallic leather and am wondering how to care for it and how it will hold up
    in rain ? It seems so soft and delicate, I'm not sure if there is anything I can do to weather proof it or if it will absorb water spots easily? I was debating between the metallic leather and grey patent leather but once I saw the gold metallic colour and saw how soft it was I couldn't resist ! But as I want to use it as an all around bag for travelling too, now I am getting worried about
    how it will hold up - does anyone own a ysl metallic leather bag and how do
    u care for it? Is it durable? Thanks sooo much!!
  6. Does your gold metallic easy have a "crackled" appearance (like the gold besaces) ?? I have an metallic emerald green easy, and its virtually maintenance-free. The gold easy bags I have seen have the crackle appearance, and appear delicate.
  7. Thanks for your reply Travelbliss, mine isn't the crackled volcano leather, its a very smooth leather, soft and buttery but in a metallic gold finish. Actually its more of a bronze finish but the tag said "gold" - its very smooth and I am just afraid of wear and tear damage and water stains. Does your emerald easy absorb water well? I am travelling soon and want so much to take my easy with me because its such an "easy" bag and can hold so much, but I am just afraid of damage from possible rain! Any suggestions? did you coat yours with anything?
  8. A friend of mine has a YSL bag in silver crackled leather, and it is showing wear in the sense that the metallic is starting to rub off a bit around corners and friction areas. She's had it for a while though and uses it as an everyday tote.
  9. It is beautiful though :smile:
  10. Thanks so much just hoping it holds up to a certain degree because I really want to use it as an everyday tote as well !
  11. I'd love to get the metallic gold Belle de Jour clutch but am worried about how it takes spillages and wetness etc too...
  12. Hi everyone! I bought a pre-owned large muse black ysl in calfskin and the leather seems quite "vintage" and not so polished or shiny. Is this normal or do I need to put leather conditioner? Your tips on how to care for my pre-owned muse will be very helpful. The bag still has so much life into it and I intend to care for it well. Thanks all!
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    so many tips are around, the best one for me is from this YSL site (I think Cosmo posted it) is about Apple leather conditioner. My older YSL bags which had marks from nails and color imperfections got such new shine and smooth texture from just one coat of it rubbed in. I also have nice products from Lovin My Bags made for sensitive leathers like balenciaga bags, cleaners, shine restore etc etc and I use those for cleaning stains

    here is a thread:

    but there are many more if you do a search
  14. Definitely try Apple Garde leather care (the conditioner). The cleaner may be too harsh on the leather. I also treat my bags with the water repellent.
  15. thanks so much! i appreciate all your tips