Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

  1. Hello,

    I just got a medium Muse in Ivory. I haven't worn it yet, but I'm scared it will get dirty. Should I pretreat it with something like the apple guard stain repellent? Has anyone tried it? Also, what do you clean it with if it gets dirty?

  2. Hi I have Ivory Rive Gauche and the color transfer from jeans dissapeared using "Lovin my Bags" products. I heard that Apple repellent is good, but I can nt get it shipped to Canada, so I managed to get "Lovin my Bags" package made originally for Balenciaga sensitive leather. it works miracles, it also has a " handle" cream which help thet handles do not get worn out and stained from carrying. Awesome stuff.

    Ivory muse is sooooo gorgeous, enjoy it :woohoo:

    cheers, Vesna
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  3. I am wondering the same! and sosaky, let us know if / how you end up pretreating / cleaning your bag!

    Vesna, besides jeans, have you found any other colors / types of material that transfer easily to the ivory leather? TIA

    I generally don't use any products on my bags but this being my first white bag, that may have to change in order to keep it looking good...
  4. i have a pink suede jacket, and it went to the bag too, so the cleaning lotion took care of that too..I decided to carry it with beige and ivory only

    if you clean it with the lotion I mentioned from Loving ny bags, as it says in the instruction - it darkens the leather while cleaning, and quickly goes to its original ivory color - just wipe that spot with clean cloth, and the bag is new

    it works great on Miu Miu ivory nappa as well - I was sceptical about it, but it is a GREAT product for sensitive leathers

    cheers, V
  5. Hi, I actually just ordered the apple care stain and rain repellent and the cleaner so I'll let you know how it works. Thanks!
  6. Hi gurls,

    I have a praline croc embossed muse 2.. it is nubuck/suede leather. And I dont have any leather care products yet for this leahter.
    Apple leather care products may can do that...
    What do you think of Ugg leather care products? Ugg boots are from sheepskin/suede.. but to use it on bags? :confused1:

    What do you use to protect or clean your YSL??
  7. I have no idea how ugg products work but to be on the safe size on a luxury product like a muse II I would get the apple products for stain and rain repellant and they also have a suede and nubuck cleaner if you do get it dirty. "Lovin my bags" also has a line of cleaning/spa products to use specifically on handbags but I have never tried them. I think they were originally created for balenciagas?

  8. hi vesna,

    could I ask which set did you get from Lovin my bags? Thinking of ordering a set for myself but wasn't sure which one to get. Also do you use any cleaner / protecter on your nubuck bags?

  9. She got the Balenciaga cleaner from what she said. I'm getting LMB stuff for mine, will get the pro treatment and do all my bags with it. You can ask Barbara though which is best, she's very helpful!
  10. thanks! I'm in the process of checking with her about one of my bags so I'll ask.
  11. hi eveyone ..I wonder where can I get that magic leather cleaner of yours??:smile:
  12. There have been some questions in various threads re the best way to treat different sorts of leather finishes. It would be great if people could post tips and products recommended for use with YSL bags and finishes for:

    • patent;
    • metallic;
    • and soft unprotected lamb leather;
    • other
    Some products like 'apple' popular in the US aren't accessible in Europe so it would be great if there were tips for products in different countries / regions.

    If we pool our international knowledge we could save other members reinventing the wheel or even worse - costly mistakes! :flowers:
  13. difficult questions for me...better check with the sales assistant.

    To me, I bought patent, metallic, lamb, calf and deer leather....they are still in good shape without any maintenance.
  14. I agree. Check with YSL, after all they're only a phone call away.

    I have an off-white Majorelle, which had a teeny-tiny scratch - they told me to use full cream MILK! It worked too.
  15. I recently sold a croc embossed patent downtown on eBay. The buyer received it and she's not happy with how the bag sits. Somehow the bottom is bent and the handles are not straight anymore. Does anybody have experience taking care of their croc embossed leather? Is there a way to restore the shape so it stands straight again? Or is it the nature of this bag? I took some pic and shown below

    Some advice please? TIA