Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

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  1. I have worried about this! Most of my Ysl bags are limited edition & i treat them like babies haha but in the awful event that something did happen i would like to know how to treat them. I am aware that ysl does do repairs & restorations but at a cost. I have a prada wallet that gets dirty pretty easily & they referred me to a very pricey purse cleaner, no thank you.
  2. I brought my canvas chYc out today and notice that the bag is extremely dry. Any recommendations to restore this to its beauty? I love this style and plan on using it for many more years so i hope i can do something with it. TIA ;)

  3. Hi I got a 3" superficial scratch on my large monogram bag, pebbled leather in fog. Anyone know where I can go to get this fixed? I'm in NYC and I already tried leather spa. Help please!!!
  4. Hi All
    I've not been on the purse forum for a long time-so not sure if this will work?! I have recently purchased my first YSL bag- a beautiful Dylan in the brown suede. I'm not sure what I should be protecting it with also I can't find much info about the bag online or others that have it. Anybody out there own one?
  5. i have the monogram matalase w.o.c., nude pebbled leather. how sturdy is this bag, does it stain easily or can it be wiped off? i didn't treat it with anything
  6. Hi!

    I recently got the black nano sac de jour in pebbled leather. It's the older version so the leather is much thicker and sturdier than the current ones for sale. However, I've worn the bag a few times now and I've noticed that where the lock swings back and forth, it's kind of created a mark outlining the way the lock swings if that makes sense. In certain lights you can notice it, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this
  7. I did on my muse, it created an outline or a mark where the lock sat. I used some apple conditioner, just lightly and it helped a little bit
  8. Hey SL bag owners, I'm new to here and need your help please. I'm considering a sunset woc in pink croc embossed leather. Is leather durable? If stained, is it impossible to clean? I believe it has a patent finish. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have a question on YSL envelope cross body that I just bought. It is already peeling at each corner. Any one else have this bag and experience the same?
  10. May I know which company you are using for the replating? And how is the final result? Please share some photos! [emoji5]
  11. I believe this is the monogramme chain wallet (or WOC as some pp like to call it). I own the same one but in lipstick red and experienced no peeling issues so far. I'vev had it for almost a year and worn it around 5 times, 1 of which I've carried it overseas and on long-haul flights. I think for bags with very straight lines and sharp corner like this and the Chanel Boy in lambskin (which I own too), they can be susceptible to scratches potential peeling, as they risk bumping into other objects.. but if you believe this is a quality control issue, you can try contacting Saint Laurent and see if they can do any after care service for you?

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  12. I got some Chapstick on the outside of my Kate purse. It's the pebbled leather one. Just wondering if anyone has any clue as to how I can get this off? Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. What's the best way to protect the medium college bag? Should I spray any sort of protectant or weather-proofing spray? I don't want to ruin the leather by doing so.
  14. Hi , may I know how do you guys who own this bag /wallet take care of the pebbled leather and black hardware ? Any special care needed ?

    This is my first ysl purchase :smile:!

    Thanks in advance !

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  15. I have the wallet and am wondering too, especially since I use it everyday.