Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Just want to share my odd experience and perhaps someone would know how to fix this. I have a Saint Laurent Flap Front Wallet. I think it's called Letters. It's in this almost bubble gum pink color and I bought it maybe a year and a half or two ago. I never really used it much but remembered to pull it out today. Lo and behold, there's an odd blue stain inside. I really don't understand how that could happen since there's nothing that could have caused it. It was in its dustbag. Would anyone know what caused this and how to remove it? The leather is calf leather but kind of glossy. You can see the pic I have attached. Super odd!

    Thanks, ladies!

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  2. Hi All,

    I'll be purchasing a Nano Sac De Jour in smooth calfskin leather. Its my dream bag and i wanna make sure that i am protecting it well.
    Could you guys guide me along?
    - Like what products i should be using to care for the bag and the hardware
    - How to use the products and the steps in which i should use them
    Thank you :smile:
  3. I have restored many a Coach bags brass with Brasso; but if it's a gold tone I think that would be another product because you would need to know what metal over what metal it is before attempting to clean I have to think.

  4. Thank you for another insight! ️️
  5. Hello All,

    I have the WOC Matelasse YSL bag in black and the corners have become dull from rubbing on my clothes. I would like to bring the shine back and find a way to protect this leather more and was wondering if you can use the apple care products or Collonil 1909 leather cream on this bag? Im hoping the creams will fix the problem. if i am able to use this cream which of the 2 do you prefer? I'm also wondering if there is anything that i can use to get the scratches out of the brass. I've attached some pictures for reference.

    Any information is greatly appreciated!

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  6. Anyone can share your experience with protecting/cleaning large college bag?
  7. hi everyone, i would really appreciate your wisdom on how to care for my new Monogram Saint Laurent Chain Wallet in Black Crocodile Embossed Leather. I emailed YSL to ask what products would best protect and waterproof the bag and they advised not to use anything at all as it might alter the leather. I feel quite nervous about not protecting the bag in any way (rain is a fact of life in the UK!) and wanted to find out if any of you had used any products on this type of leather before? I have the Collonil spray and the cream which I used with great success on my Mulberry Lily (black glossy goat leather), but nervous to put anything on this one before seeking advice! thanks in advance :smile:
  8. Hi Everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone had issues with their YSL wallet on Chain? I purchased the blush nude color and used it everyday for a month and noticed that the protective coating on it started to come off on all the corners and sides. After going back and forth with them over a couple months they finally replaced it - thank god! however I am scared to use the replacement again. Has anyone else had this problem? I am not rough with my purses at all and I baby them ...
  9. I also had this issue with mine! I took it back to YSL and they sent it to a cobbler who tried to fix it but since the color match was off and they kept missing spots I had them replace it. Maybe try taking it to a cobbler or leather specialist? since your purse is black it probably won't be hard to match the color.
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  10. Can you use the same leather cleaner for leather jackets on leather purse?
  11. Has anyone else had the misfortune of thinking the hardware on their bag was brass when in fact it's only plated. I tried to clean up the Y on my cabas and it's removed the gold completely. Look at the state of this now, I'm gutted. Any ideas to fix it? Tip from me, step away from the brasso!!

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  12. I am SO sorry that happened to you! You may be able to take to a jeweler and have them strip and re plate it. You could also try calling an SL store and talk to an SA, but it may take more time to bring it in and have them ship it off.
  13. Thanks Pikanmu, it's actually with a company to be replated at the moment so I will update with a picture of my results when it's back this week! Valuable lesson learnt!
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  14. oh good!! Yes, please post once you have have her back!
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