Cleaning/ Protecting Your LV FAQs

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    Shining Monkey

    Will Shining Monkey hurt my multicolore agenda?

    shining monkey... is this the right one?

    Shining monkey AFTER patina sets in

    What do you use on th vachetta? Apple Garde, Shining Monkey, or nothing?

    I just tried Shining Monkey!

    how many times shining monkey?

    Shining Monkey

    Apple guarde stain and water repellant-please Help!!

    apple guard questions

    Apple Guard and the Patina Process

    Which Do You Think Is Best: Apple Guarde, Wilson Leather, Leather CPR, Shining Monkey

    [​IMG] PANIC: Apple Garde!

    Apple Leather Cleaner

    Apple Garde works fabulously

    Kiwi protecting spray for vachettta leather

    can you tell me about the kiwi spray?

    Epi leather:

    Damier red lining:

    Damier Azur:


    LV quality:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.